I am Art the founder/owner of Old Art’s Woodshop. I first started doing woodworking about 26 years ago at about the time my daughter was born. I made her high chair and some other small furniture items. I also did some scroll saw work making Christmas ornaments, shelves and other knick-knacks. I participated in some craft shows which became a source of frustration as I was making to high-end items and did not want to make the cheaper low-end items that were actually selling in the shows. So with life getting busier as it does with a young child, I put woodworking aside except for a few things here and there just for me. Spring forward a couple of decades to 2017. After 30+ years in government service, my best friend retiring and being overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the general machinations of working for the government, I started planning for my retirement. I built my shop and started acquiring the tools I would need (wanted, LOL). One of the tools I had always wanted was a lathe. I had never used one but I thought I would enjoy turning. I taught myself how to turn (I am still learning) and started turning pens; everyone loved them. I sold a few at work and my wife sold

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some at her work as well. One of the pens she sold, the person that bought it asked to have it engraved with his name. I didn’t have the right tool for engraving so I found a jewelry store and took my pens to them to see what they would charge. They fell in love with my pens and ask me if they could be the retail outlet for my pens. I was thrilled and said yes and that started what has turned out to be a very profitable outlet for my pens. So I retired December 2017 and now I spend my time woodworking in my shop and keeping up with the never-ending chores on my small acreage.
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